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A week in just five minutes.

A closed off room, just eight tatami in size.

A small world for you to save.

This game is a puzzle adventure that takes from thirty minutes to an hour to play through.

The themes included in this game are rather dark, so please keep that in mind.

One week, My room is a free game.

2017/11/27 Released German version

2017/7/29 ver1.3 - Modify with the problem about font

2017/7/15 ver1.2 - Modify with the problem about double-byte character in txt files
2017/7/14 Released English version

Published Jul 15, 2017
TagsPixel Art, Retro

Install instructions

Please double-click the file named "One week, My room1.1.exe" to start the game.

The game uses mouse controls.


One_week_My_room_eng1.3.zip 31 MB
One_week_My_room_ger1.3.zip 32 MB

Development log


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Hey, I just wanted to let you know that your game got on my top 10 list of 2017!



Thank you!

This game is unlike any other I have played before, and before I go on, I must say that you have created a game that is quite beautiful, In its own way - the plights of the character are something I can understand and sympathise with, and the ending was one fitting of the broad scope of this rather small world - I congratulate you on creating this, it is a game I won't forget for a long time. ;-) 


on a bug report note, I noiced that the captions that display the current (game) date show the wrong day (they show it as being the next day over: sunday in the diary is displayed as monday in the selection part of the game etc. [The part where you choose what to do for the day])

Thank you for playing.

That is the original specification.:D

the game was I don't have words the ending was unexpected  do more games like this I really would appreciate this subscribe today for more videos:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC87ACz99Buum0tospPSQSbA

watch video here:

the ending made me happy

Very cool. I'm not 100% sure I understood it all but it was definitely an experience.

A very well put together game in both story and gameplay! Almost teared up a little bit too.

I got all the tips and endings!

Absolutely love the game. As someone who has been in closely the same situation, the character's plights felt real and very serious. The music complimented how tightly, yet loosely the character was holding on to the will to live.

Beat it, but didn't get one of the clues. Nevertheless, hope to see some more games like this out of you!


I really REALLY liked this. Very well done. If it doesn't seem like I like it, it's only because of my sense of humor. xD

This game was amazing but also very simple...and I think that's what makes it great.

Not everything is sunshine and rainbows....

Simple game, but it really did leave a mark. Great job for everyone who helped make this game possible!

Ahh, this is such a deep game. I really connected with a lot of the issues being raised, and it really touched me.

I'm looking forward to playing this again when the text error has been corrected, but in the meantime thanks so much for making this, and keep up the great work!

I am blown away by the story this game tells and the attention it draws to a number of social/economical/psychological issues. I collected all of the tips and "failed" a lot. But I eventually got an ending I was satisfied with. I love that the gameplay loop is so simple and restrictive, but that the narrative is so powerful. Unfortunately, the version I played has an issue with text getting cut off so I had to guess at what was being said, sometimes. Still, a delightful and dark experience that speaks of real issues. 

CANT BELIEVE I CRIED | One Week My Room Game - This game really had me in tears. I'm glad it had a happy ending but with suicide in the limelight at the moment this game shows an important message... someone is there for you.

This is really a great game. It's simple, but tells a story very well even if it's a sad one. 

On another note, how do I get tip 9? That's the only one I don't have unlocked.

Thank you for playing.
Please choose various things.
Perhaps some choices are missed.

Wow, its dark, but thats what makes it work... Amazingly thought through.


HOW DO I MAKE THE SCREEN BIGGER sorry caps >:( caps beacuse the word go off the screen?

Thank you for playing.

Only 2 types of screen are prepared:
normal or small

At ver 1.3, we'll fix the problem that  the word go off the screen.

This game was more than I expected.  I can't wait to unlock all of the tips and find out more about the story.  


This is an interesting game, it definitely has some very dark themes to it, but that's what gives it its character. The art style's quite nice and the accompanying music is great.

It's simplistic in its gameplay, but complex in its meaning. If things are done in a certain order I'm assuming the end turns out much differently, I would like to think that in my playthrough I got the "good" ending but that's up to interpretation.

The only issue I had was that sometimes the text would run off the screen, I'm not sure if it was a bug or because of my screen resolution, either way, I didn't let it take away from the experience of the game's core message.

It's a game that makes you stop and think about things. I quite enjoyed my time with it.

I hope you don't mind but I recorded a short let's play of the game.

Cheers and best wishes!

I rather enjoy the simplicity of the game so far. It's short and relaxing gameplay wise; although, the undertone of the big brother bit is pretty startling.

I loved this! Just one question, how many endings are there? 

I unlocked all the tips and got three endings (SPOILER: balcony suicide, balcony with mom, getting eaten by "big brother"), is there another one I've missed?


Thank you for playing.

That's all of endings.

So many questions after playing... :) Were the tips supposed to have more information? 

Hmmm your version of the game seems to be a bit buggy. The tips aren't supposed to be empty, and your mom is supposed to show up on the balcony after you slipped the diary under the door.  Are you playing version eng1.2 ?

I played version 1.1


Thank you for playing.

If you send us mail, you can get  txt files of Tips.
Or, if you copy and paste your savedata.bin, you can read Tips in new version.

Downloading 1.2. I'll play it again. :) 

It almost looks like a sad game, but so glad the ending isn't bad! 


Thank you for your playing!